Female student killed

Three women injured in Heidelberg University shooting
One woman has been killed and three others wounded I shooting that occurred at Heidelberg
University, Germany. The shooter, an 18 year old man opened fire on students in a lecture hall
at the university located southwestern Germany on Monday as reported by Police.

The gun man who attacked alone was a student at the university. He entered the auditorium
filled with 30 people and fired sporadically at them at about 12:24pm. local time as reported by
CNN’s German affiliated n-tv. After firing several gunshots at the people, he fled the auditorium
and then turned a gun on himself, said Police.
After a thorough search,, the alleged perpetrator was found dead by Police at 12:51pm with
two rifles with him.

Chief of Police of Mannheim, a nearby city, Siegfried Kollmar announced that four women had
been injured in the shooting. One of them, a 23 year old female German student who was shot
in the head died hours later at the hospital and three other women sustained serious wounds in
the attack, explained authorities.

The shooter was a resident of Mannheim and had made known his plan on Whatsapp message
just before he attacked, said Kollmar.
In the WhatsApp message, the gunman said that “people should be punished” and that he
would want to be buried at sea rather than in a cemetery, according to Police.

Chief Prosecutor for Heidelberg Andreas Herrgen said the gunman was not known to the
authorities prior to the shooting. It was confirmed the gunman did not have firearms license
and seemed to have purchased the rifles from a foreign country.

Investigators are yet to release any information as regards the motive of the gunman. There
was intense Police presence at the university campus in the Neuenheimer Feld area following
the bloody incident numbering up to 400 police officers.
Police requested people to avoid the area to enable rescue workers and emergency services
move around freely.

German media said the gunman seemed to have no religious or political motive.
Police searched the gunman’s flat in the city of Mannheim and that is where the WhatsApp
message announcing his attack was found.

Germany has some of the strictest gun regulations in the whole of Europe and school gun
attacks are rare. Tge country requires anyone under 25 to pass a psychological test before
acquiring a gun license.

Heidelberg University is Germany’s oldest according to the information on its website. The
town of the university has about 160,000 residents.

Elsewhere in Germany, German navy chief resigns over controversial Ukraine comments. Vice
admiral Kay-Achim Schoenbach has come under heat after saying Putin deserves ‘respect’ and
Kyiv will never regain Crimea.

The head of the German navy has resigned following his comments on Crimean Peninsula which
has put him on the hot seat at home and abroad. He was captured on video saying that Ukraine
would never regain the Crimean Peninsula which was annexed by Russia in 2014.

Speaking at an event held in New Delhi, India on Friday, vice admiral Schoenbach also
expressed that it was vital to have Russia on side against China and suggested that Vladimir
Putin, Russia’s President deserved ‘respect’.

“Is Russia really interested in having a tiny strip of Ukraine’s soil? No. Or to integrate it in the
country? No, this is nonsense. Putin is probably putting pressure because he knows he can do it
and knows that it splits the European Union,” Schoenbach said.

“What he (Putin) really wants is respect. And my God, giving someone respect is low cost, even
no cost… It is easy to give him the respect he really demands- and probably also deserves,” he
added, calling Russia an old important county.

Tge comments came at a critical time when sending tens of thousands of troops on Ukraine
border. Russia keeps denying it plans to invade Ukraine.
Diplomatic intervention is geared at preventing an escalation.

Schoenbach’s comments which were captured on video caused fury in Ukraine and the German
ambassador was summoned for the issue to be addressed.

Subsequently, Ukrainian foreign minister called on Germany to publicly renounce the navy
chief’s comments expressing in a statement that they could destabilize Western efforts to de-
escalate the situation.

Ukraine is grateful to Germany for the support it has already provided since 2014 as well as for
the diplomatic efforts to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict. But Germany’s current
statements are disappointing and run counter to that support and effort,” Ukraine foreign
minister Dmytro Kuleba tweeted in a separate statement.

Back in Berlin, the comments generated a backlash for the navy chief. By late Saturday,
Schoenbach had tendered his resignation explaining he wanted to prevent further damage to
Germany and its military.

‘My rash remark in India… are increasingly putting a strain on my office,’ he said. ‘I consider this
step (resignation) necessary to avert further damage to the German navy, the German forces
and in particular, the Federal Republic of Germany.”

In a statement, the German navy announced defence minister, Christine Lambrecht had
accepted Schoenbach’s resignation and approved his deputy as interim naval chief.

The German government has affirmed it stands with its NATO allies in the case of Russia’s
military threat to Ukraine. It warms Moscow will pay a heavy price if it makes any military
moves against its neighbour, Ukraine. However, Berlin unlike many other NATO countries says
it will not equip Ukraine with weapons citing that it does not want to aggravate tensions

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